Message from the CEO

Our vision is to promote the so-called “Pet Culture” in which people and pets can truly enjoy each other’s company. “Culture” affects our lifestyle. The Pet Culture, therefore, is a culture where the presence of pets or companion animals such as dogs, cats and birds are naturally integrated into our lifestyle, creating more joy.

Since early times, living with animals as pets has been a very common practice in European countries such as the UK and France. It’s been an important part of their lifestyle as well as their society. In the UK, the newspapers have an adoption classified section where, when a puppy is born, the owner places an ad to find a new family. When the new family comes to pick up the puppy, they often bring cookies to promise the first owner that they will welcome the puppy and offer it love and care. The families often stay in touch afterwards, speaking with each other regularly to share the joy of watching the puppy grow. In this way, in the UK culture, pets have been part of the people’s lives, connecting families and sometimes offering a long-lasting bond that remains even after they are gone.

In the course of our research to develop pet supplements, we have learned that a surprising number of pets are suffering from dermatological problems. As a possible solution, we have been working together with veterinarian professionals toward development of the microbubble technology for the past three years. Although the application of this highly advanced technology has just started, our long-term research has proven its strong cleansing power that facilitates the healing process and offers prevention against skin diseases. It is our greatest pleasure to be able to help you and your pets have a joyful life without the worry about skin problems.

Susumu Fujikawa
Thales, Inc